CSA President Pans Budget Agreement

April 1, 2015

Ernest Logan

By Stephanie West

CSA President Ernest Logan is denouncing the state budget agreement and proposed evaluation law that also includes an independent evaluation for teacher observations. 

“Once again, the state is ignoring the advice of educators in the formulation of laws that will have an enormous impact on the education of children as well as on a teacher’s career," Logan said in a statement.

"Rarely does one see superintendents, school boards, principals, assistant principals, teachers, parents and education advocates united against an idea – but including an independent evaluator has done just that," Logan added. "For the fourth time in five years, state lawmakers, who work in a world far removed from classrooms across the state, are the ones hastily tinkering with an evaluation system through a political lens. This is not good for children, it’s not good for teachers and it’s not good for schools.”

March 31, 2015

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