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CSA President Ernest Logan Responds to Gov. Cuomo’s Budget Address

Ernest Logan, President, CSA
February 3, 2010

“In the face of extraordinary fiscal challenges, Governor Andrew Cuomo has put forward a budget that asks all NYS stake holders to be part of the solution. 

For public education in fiscal year 2012, and in the foreseeable future, he has painted a very grim picture.  Once again, public school educators will be asked to do more with far fewer resources.
“Particularly in NYC, we must be careful that the Governor’s proposed budget does not entail draconian cuts to school aid, which would make it near impossible to serve the needs of our children.  We will have to wait to see how Mayor Bloomberg and the New York City Department of Education plan to implement education cuts before we decide what kind of advocacy is needed.  Hopefully, when all becomes clear, CSA will work with NYC DOE to advocate on behalf of our students.

“Before taking more money out of our classrooms, we hope we can come to agreement with the NYC DOE about calling a halt to outside contracts and all costly pilot programs.  In line with the Governor’s recommendation that we review the salaries of superintendents statewide, we should review the salaries

of the unprecedented number of superintendents in NYC. Counting network leaders, 120 individuals are paid out of NYC DOE superintendent lines, although they are not doing superintendent work as defined by state law.  By the Governor’s measure, that amounts to total salaries of more than $200,000 for each. In addition, there are some 1,000 high-paid managers at the DOE.  Surely, some efficiency is achievable here.
“It is important that Governor Cuomo acknowledged high-needs school districts.  It seems as if he intends for these districts to receive relatively modest cuts.  However, it seems to us at CSA that high-needs districts cannot bear any cuts at all.”


February 6, 2011

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