Council Needs to Act In Unity

April 4, 2011
By George Penaherrera, Director, East Calvary Nursery

After reading the article about another district council member speak out in outrage makes me wonder, why does this public speaking by council members come out in bits and pieces? One day its Queens, and other day its Manhattan Council etc. If what is going on is such an outrage and unacceptable, why can’t all Borough Council Members unify and hold a press conference as the Mayor does?

This dismantling of services affecting low income families, who desperately need centers for their children, so that can work or go to school to further educate themselves, so that they can be productive in this city, needs to be heard, just like the public heard about the snow botch up job by the Mayors administration earlier this year. It appears that all Council Members understands this absurd measure that the City’s Administration has decided to implement to make up the deficit, but again, I wonder why all or at least a majority of Council Members from all Districts can’t plan to unify and speak out as a whole. I believe this will make a better impact.

April 3, 2011

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