Connecting Buses to Commuter Rail makes sense not just for LaGuardia

December 3, 2015
By Corey Bearak 

The Public Ought To Know

The latest interesting transit proposal involved little if any capital investment.  The Riders Alliance proposed a free bus connecting the Woodside LIRR and 74th Street/ Roosevelt Avenue #7, E subway to LaGuardia Airport. 



The proposal since endorsed by the Daily News involves the current Q70 Limited bus.  The MTA objections mostly involve lost revenue; LIRR rider enjoy no free transfer to the bus and who would just take the bus would get a free ride; obviously subway riders should enjoy a free transfer as long as they did not take a bus to get to the subway.  The existing bus option from either station makes sense and certainly merits marketing.  But the proposal misses the mark.  At City Council hearings ATU Locals 1056 and 1179 advocated amending legislation sponsored by Council Member I. Daneek Miller to include a free transfer between each transit mode, as currently exists between buses and subways and local and express buses.

The two MTA locals whose members operate many NYC Transit and MTA Bus Company lines in Queens note the many bus routes that currently intersect LIRR stations.  ATU routes include the Q2, Q3, Q27, Q31, Q36, Q43, Q44 and Q88, that intersect with LIRR stations in eastern Queens.  This transfer option could induce greater ridership and remove more people from cars.  The bus routes formally known as the Q5AS Laurelton and Q5S (Q86) Rosedale Shuttles serviced LIRR stations during rush hours and similar opportunities exist with other routes in southeast Queens.   Additional  transfer options might include stations just outside the city limits that serve Queens residents, including the Hempstead LIRR line which includes stops in Floral Park and Bellerose Village running parallel to the city line just a few blocks beyond it. *Corey Bearak can be reached at  Find his ebook, The Public Ought To Know, at Kindle, Nook and Apple iBooks.

December 3, 2015

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