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Comparing NYPD To George Zimmerman By Liu Is Ridiculous

July 19, 2013
By Sal Albanese

New York, NY – "I am calling on John Liu to stop this ridiculous rhetoric. Comparing New York's Finest to a vigilante is an outrage. As a candidate for Mayor and as an elected official, John owes it to New Yorkers to behave responsibly, not to fan the flames as we go into a hot summer. John is putting personal political gain over the safety of New Yorkers. 

While John was recklessly calling for the end of stop and frisk, I suggested many of the same common-sense reforms that Commissioner Ray Kelly has been implementing, like more intensive training for our officers on how to conduct a constitutional stop. Sadly, John sees fanning the flames against hard working, rank-and-file police officers as his path to electoral victory and refuses to recognize that changes in policy are already reducing the number of unnecessary stops.

Our police officers and our citizens deserve better than this."

July 19, 2013

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