Common Core Task Force Findings Sensible

December 15, 2015
By Mark Cannizzaro, NYSFSA President

Mark Cannizzaro

New York, NY – Last week we’ve at last seen signs of a more student-focused perspective for education policy in New York State.  The findings of the Common Core Task Force are sensible, and emphasize the essential role of educators in guiding instruction, curriculum development and assessment.

This is the work and duty of principals and teachers in every school building, and we can achieve the balance necessary between the needs of children in learning and the highest quality standards. The task force asked the tough questions, heard the heartfelt concerns of students, parents, and principals, and has set forth a carefully organized call for change.  We ask policymakers to listen too, and to implement these reforms as quickly as possible. Collegiality, professionalism and consensus can and should govern New York’s work in preparing children for college, careers and life.  We hope better days are ahead.

  •  The New York State Federation of School Administrators (NYSFSA) represents 14,000 active and retired Principals, Assistant Principals, Education Administrators and other school supervisors from Buffalo, Yonkers and New York City.
December 14, 2015

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