Closing Schools Do Not Lead to Improved Student Performance

November 25, 2015
By CSA President Ernest Logan

New York, NY – Council of School Supervisors & Administrators President Ernest Logan issued comments on the release of the Research Alliance for New York City Schools report, “High School Closures in New York City:”"CSA takes the Research Alliance study at its word that it “cannot identify the precise mechanisms that explain closures impact or lack thereof.”

In fact, far from endorsing the wholesale closing of failing schools, the Alliance report grudgingly endorses long proven strategies, i.e., that smaller class sizes produce better student performances, that there are long term benefits to blending students of different academic ability in a single classroom as a way to “float all boats” and improve individual and overall student performance, and that there are beneficial effects to increasing the educational resources available to all schools.
Underperforming schools bedevil the students caught in them and the communities they serve.

But the wholesale closing of these schools is not the academic panacea that the previous city administration claimed it to be as it employed this devastating strategy time and again. We already know the tools we need to improve student performance and give them a strong start on the path to a career limited only by their imaginations. Now we need only garner the will and trust among city stakeholders to use them."

*** The Council of School Supervisors & Administrators, Local 1, American Federation of School Administrators, represents Principals, Assistant Principals and Education Administrators in the city's 1,800 NYC public schools and central offices and 200 Directors and Assistant Directors in city-funded Early Childhood Education Centers.


November 24, 2015

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