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Civil Service Merit Council Holds Award Ceremony

October 31, 2011
Around Town By Neal Tepel

The Staten Island Deckhands that risk their lives each day to rescue individuals who have fallen into the water were honored at the 40th Civil Service Merit Council Award Ceremony including: Stefano Alocci, Owen Drakes, Erasmo Fernandez and James McMahon.  Mark Brantley, the Municipal Credit Union Chairperson accepted the award for the MCU in recognition of a century of service to the municipal employees of New York City.
Local 371 DC37 President Anthony Wells received an award for taking on the city in a legal challenge regarding the city privileging provisional’s. Gene Carroll received an award for his life-long dedication as an organizer and educator. Juan Gonzalez was recognized for his extraordinary achievement in print, and television as an outstanding watch dog reporter exposing many abuses in government including the City Time scandal.MCU Board Member Richard Wagner (right) presents award to MCU Board Chairman Mark S. Brantley
The event took place at the Terrace on the Park Thursday October 20th. 

October 30, 2011

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