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CBO Analysis of the American Health Care Act

March 17, 2017
By AFSCME President Lee Saunders

Washington, DC – “As if the pleas of doctors, nurses, retirees, hospitals and lawmakers from both parties weren’t enough, now we have 24 million additional reasons to protect the Affordable Care Act.

The health care legislation congressional leaders are rushing through to a vote will cause 24 million Americans to lose their coverage, according to the Congressional Budget Office, while burdening millions more with dramatic cost increases and weakening the Medicare Trust Fund.

“The non-partisan Congressional Budget Office’s assessment further crystallizes the priorities of House leaders: to take away health care for millions of vulnerable Americans and use the savings to cut taxes for the wealthy and corporations. Their plans to gut Medicaid and shift its costs to the states will prove particularly dangerous, not only threatening health services for children, seniors and people with disabilities, but also destabilizing state budgets.

“The CBO score is not up for negotiation, argument, or interpretation. If congressional leaders choose to continue rushing this legislation forward, they do so knowing full well that their plan will cause real pain and exact a devastating human cost for millions of Americans.

“Let’s keep the pressure up on members of Congress by flooding their phone lines, writing them letters and attending town halls. We can and must protect health care for 24 million fellow Americans.”

March 17, 2017

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