Car-Seat Factory Charged With Anti-Union Intimidation

January 18, 2016
By Steve Wishinia 

Selma, ALA- The National Labor Relations Board has accused the Lear Corporation of illegally intimidating workers trying to organize a union at its auto-seat factory in Selma, Alabama.

The board charged that Lear, which supplies foam seats to Hyundai, interrogated workers about United Auto Workers activity, told them they'd be fired and blacklisted, and threatened to close the plant if they voted in favor of the union. “We’ve always known that we have the right to speak out for higher pay and safe jobs, and now with the federal government moving to stop Lear’s illegal tactics, we feel more confident than ever that we will win the good jobs that auto workers and the Selma community deserve,” Letasha Irby, a Lear production worker since 2006, said a statement released by the Selma Workers Organizing Committee. “Lear doesn’t scare us. What’s really scary is not being able to support my two children on Lear’s low wages.” Read more

January 17, 2016

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