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Canadian Union Leaders Move to Block TPP

November 10, 2015
By Bob Levine, LaborPress Canada

Ottawa Canada –  The temporary work sections of the TPP are raising strong concerns from Canadian labor leaders about on-the-job safety and the protection of Canadian jobs. Provisions of the Pacific Rim trade deal Include a section that states there will be no limits and no testing of foreign skilled workers.

While supporters of the deal are playing down union concerns  labor leaders in both the USA and Canada have been very vocal about opposition to TPP.The text of the deal clearly states that professionals and technicians and their spouses could come to work  for up to one year, with the potential for extensions. Workers who come to Canada or the USA under international trade deals are exempt from the screening process of Temporary Foreign Worker Program.

The TPP outlines a large number of specific trades that could come to Canada and the USA under a category called “professionals and technicians,” including electrical trades and “other construction trades.”“This text confirms our worst fears,” said Gill McGowan, president of the Alberta Federation of Labor. “This deal will allow foreign companies to bring in what could be an unlimited number of temporary foreign workers in certain broad occupational categories … while bypassing all measures to protect Canadian jobs.”

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November 10, 2015

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