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California Unions Say Supreme Court Can’t Kill Them

January 17, 2016
By Steve Wishinia

Sacramento, CA- If the Supreme Court rules that nonmembers can’t be required to pay for representation, California public-employee union officials say that would be a serious financial blow, but wouldn’t kill them.

“We’ll continue to exist,” said Dave Low, executive director of the California School Employees Association, “but it would weaken us.” Bruce Blanning, longtime head of Professional Engineers in California Government, said that his union has voluntarily “been without fair share fees in the past,” although it then decided that nonmembers should be obligated to pay for representation. If the Court rules against the unions, Banning said, the next question is whether unions should have to negotiate pay raises for nonmembers or back them up in disciplinary matters. “If people decide not to pay for union representation, should they be represented at all?” he asks. California has 1.3 million unionized state and local employees, more than any other state. Read more

January 17, 2016

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