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Bushwick Inlet Park Acquistion

December 24, 2016  
By Neal Tepel

Brooklyn, NY –  Friends of Bushwick Inlet Park and legislators are celebrating the City’s acquisition of the final parcel of land in Bushwick Inlet Park. The $160-million purchase of the 11-acre former CitiStorage site allows the City to realize its vision for a complete, 25.4-acre park.

“Our administration keeps its promises. When we commit to build a new park or a new school in a growing community, we deliver,” said Mayor de Blasio. “Today we celebrate – and tomorrow, we look forward to working with all these dedicated local officials, activists and residents as we design and build a Bushwick Inlet Park we can all be proud of.”

The immediate next step for the park is to investigate what environmental remediation will be necessary at the CitiStorage site. This will help to determine a timeline for the development of the site. The site is one of six parcels that make up Bushwick Inlet Park, the centerpiece of the Greenpoint-Williamsburg Waterfront. Already, 3.5-acres of the park are complete and open to the public, featuring a multi-purpose field and a building for community activities with a state-of-the-art green roof which doubles as a seating area. This park incorporates natural and urban structures, bringing Greenpoint’s waterfront and natural areas into the community around it. The views are breathtaking.

The remaining four parcels of land have all been purchased by the City, and are in varying stages of remediation and development.

“Great communities are built around great parks, which is why we are so excited by the acquisition of the final plot of Bushwick Inlet Park, one of Brooklyn’s newest, growing public spaces,” said Parks Commissioner Mitchell J. Silver. “We look forward to working with our community partners to realize a vision for Bushwick Inlet Park that truly serves North Brooklyn.”

December 24, 2016

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