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Building Congress Design Competition Winners

December 23, 2015
By Tara Jessup

New York, NY – The New York Building Congress has announced four winners from its Construction Shed Design Competition. This will be an attractive alternatives to the confining and often forbidding structures that currently cover nearly 200 miles of sidewalks throughout the five boroughs.The Construction Shed Design Competition was spearheaded by the Building Congress Task Force on Innovation and Best Practices and the New York Building Foundation.

The New York Building Congress issued a challenge to the industry to use its ingenuity and expertise to offer fresh ideas for solving a vexing quality of life issue for New Yorkers, who experience the construction industry most often when navigating the obstructions and cramped spaces of construction sheds," said Thornton-Tomasetti Chairman and CEO, Thomas Scarangello, who also serves as Chairman of the Building Congress and its innovation task force. "The industry's collective response has been truly inspirational."

The four winning entries, chosen from among 33 submissions are Side+Ways+Shed by Francis Cauffman; SCAFFOLDWING by Gannett Fleming Engineers and Architects, P.C.; G-Shed by Gensler; and UrbanArbor by PBDW Architects and Anastos Engineering Associates.

Building Congress President Richard T. Anderson said, "The winners also stood out for their innovative approaches to reducing or eliminating the bracing that interferes with the pedestrian experience, permitting a more natural pattern for foot traffic. Each of the designs also succeeded in opening up their sheds along the curb line, allowing more natural light to flow into the structures."

December 22, 2015

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