Buffalo School Board Election

May 2, 2016
By Publisher Tom Campbell

Buffalo, NY – Expressing their anger and pledging to do all they can for Buffalo’s Public School students – as well as defeating those who want to privatize the school system and profit from it, Buffalo Teachers Federation (BTF) and New York State United Teachers (NYSUT)-represented Members were joined by a host of Union Representatives, community leaders and a bevy of Buffalo Public School Board candidates and elected officials on Saturday (April 30th) during a rally that was held in Downtown Buffalo to bring all concerned parties together in solidarity under the rallying cry of “Buffalo Students Deserve Better!”

The rally – which drew nearly 400 in Niagara Square in the shadow of Buffalo’s City Hall – also served as a pre-Buffalo School Board Election event, with voters going to the polls on Tuesday, May 3rd.  All were asked to continue to spread the message of those endorsed pro-education/pro-student candidates who were supported by all in attendance.

“I’ve ‘not seen anything like this that has been city-wide’ under the theme ‘Buffalo Students Deserve Better,’” NYSUT Regional Director Mike Deely told  “The fact is ‘every Teacher that I’ve talked to’ – the ‘anger pops up.’  They are ‘mad’ their (students) ‘aren’t being served.’  Their ‘passion is exciting’ and that’s what ‘makes me proud.’”

“This rally was to ‘pull people together,’” BTF President Phil Rumore told Your On-Line Labor Newspaper.  “And it’s the culmination of conversations with more than (2,000) Buffalo Teachers, who answered the question: ‘What do your Buffalo students deserve?’  What they answered was: Smaller class size; More art, music and physical education programs; More social and school counselors; More classroom aides; and more specialized services for our students.” To read more click on the following link

May 1, 2016

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