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Bronx Democrats Endorse Hillary Clinton

July 27, 2015
By Stephanie West

Hillary Clinton

Bronx, NY – The Bronx Democratic County Committee (BDCC), chaired by Assembly Member Marcos A. Crespo, announced its endorsement of Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton in the campaign race for the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination.

“As our former U.S Senator from New York and then U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has a proven track record of leadership and commitment to championing issues that are important to every day Americans. Bronx Democrats are proud to endorse her not only because she believes in building our party and making it stronger than ever but because we are united by our Democratic values in the fight to build stronger communities and ensuring that all people, regardless of background, can achieve their full potential,” said Bronx Democratic Party Leader Marcos A. Crespo.

In a statement to LaborPress the Bronx Democratic County Committee
stated their mission to help elect Democrats across the borough. The Committee said that the organization continues to promote a progressive agenda to benefit communities throughout New York City and particularly the Bronx. They support Democratic candidates in the Bronx year-round providing access to resources including legal and financial. They serve as an inclusive facilitator between communities and Party members.

“I enthusiastically endorse Hillary Clinton for President. As a long time supporter of Hillary Clinton I have seen up close her strong commitment to progressive ideals, her amazing work ethic and her incredible knowledge of every possible issue of concern to us,” echoed Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, County Committee Chair. “No one has ever been more qualified or more prepared to be President. I am confident that the Bronx will overwhelmingly support her candidacy and I look forward to working to help elect her president of the United States.”

"Hillary Clinton has been a champion for working families throughout her entire political career. Her leadership, achievements, and experience make her the ideal presidential candidate," said Bronx Party Secretary and Councilwoman Annabel Palma. “I am proud to join my colleague, Assembly Member Crespo, and the Bronx Democratic County Committee, in resoundingly supporting Hillary Clinton to be our next president of this great country of ours."

July 27, 2015

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