Betrayal of Working Families and Retirement Security

Betrayal of Working Families and Retirement Security

March 19, 2012

As a candidate, Andrew Cuomo promised to remake New York into a progressive model for the nation. Instead, Governor Cuomo, joined by the state assembly and senate, used the dark of night to betray working families and their retirement security – all to benefit his friends on Wall Street and the richest one percent. Call them now to tell them you are disappointed in these shady deals. 1-877-823-4343

We joined religious and community leaders in a massive statewide mobilization campaign. While we did defeat the worst pieces of Tier 6, including an outrageous 401(k) plan that would have given away billions in fees to Wall Street, it is cold comfort for New York's nurses, public safety professionals, librarians, and other public service workers. As providers of vital public services, we go to work every day to make our communities safer, healthier and stronger. Governor Cuomo and the legislature repaid us by stabbing us in the back.

Tell our elected officials enough is enough.

There is another way. Closing tax loopholes will provide immediate fiscal relief to struggling cities and communities in New York.

This spring and summer, AFSCME New York will tell these anti-worker politicians loud and clear that we won't stand for them attacking the retirement we earned. And come the fall, if anyone is unclear where we stand, they'll get the message on election night.

Call your elected officials now – tell them you are angry and will not forget this betrayal. 1-877-823-4343

March 18, 2012

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