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Bernie Gaining on Clinton in New York

April 11, 2016
By Neal Tepel, LaborPress Publisher 

New York, NY – Labor in New York is bracing for a Bernie Sanders campaign push and possible primary win as local chapters are defecting from national leadership. This phenomena is creatng an uncomfortable atmosphere for the labor movement and is a clear threat to the Democratic frontrunner.

Complicating the entire process, Hillary has been forced to develop policies to the far left causing concerns for some of her base. Many rank-and-file workers believe Bernie's policies align with their values. Sanders critique of 'Free Trade' has won him the endorsement of seven national unions and 80 state and local organizations. In New York and across the country Bernie's grassroots strategy is paying off.  Support for Sanders is cutting across all  union categories. He is also gaining with non-union workers.

While the latest polls shows Hillary Clinton 13 points ahead in New York, the lead is expected to narrow. It was reported in Black Star News that the
New York State Nurses' Association sent an email to its 37,000 members, stating that "We have a longstanding, commitment to a Single Payer, Medicare for All healthcare system. Senator Bernie Sanders is right there with us. He is unwavering in his commitment to patients over profits.”

Communications Workers of America locals throughout New York have aggressively campaigned for Bernie and it's turning the tide. The 'get out the vote' initiatives by CWA, college students, community groups and disenfranchised union members are paying off.

I, as many others, am surprised by the success of the Sanders campaign as well as the effectiveness of their organization. While Hillary has a nicer campaign office in Brooklyn, Bernie's messengers and message  seems to resonate in the New York City neighborhoods.  The gap is narrowing and  Bernie could win the New York State primary on April 19th.

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April 10, 2016

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