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Assemblymember Bichotte on Cuomo’s Passing

January 5, 2015
Brooklyn, NY – I'm saddened to learn of the death of former New York Governor Mario Cuomo. He was a strong, passionate, thoughtful, and outspoken advocate for all New Yorkers. Additionally, Governor Mario Cuomo restored trust in the efficacy of the state legislature and our political system. 

A man who never minced words, he reminded Democrats during a time when few in our party articulated a concrete vision for this State and Country, that we must hold true to our party's core values. As he said in 1984, we must strive to guarantee equal and affordable access for everyone to those services that protect families, that allow for social mobility, and that give each and every child born in this City, regardless of neighborhood and family, the same chance to pursue happiness.
I hope to honor his memory with my colleagues in the state assembly in this legislative session to pass common sense bills that advance and uplift our community and entire state. I send my deepest condolences to Governor Andrew Cuomo and the entire Cuomo family.

January 5, 2015

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