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As Attorney General, I will be a champion for New Yorkers

May 26, 2018

By Tish James

I am proud to announce that I was overwhelmingly chosen as the Democratic designee for the office of Attorney General by my fellow New York Democrats at our State Convention.
I am truly honored to accept the designation to be the Democratic candidate for Attorney General for the State of New York. At a time when our constitutional rights are under attack, the Attorney General’s office must be occupied by someone who will be an advocate for everyday New Yorkers and stand up for all of our rights.

Throughout my career, I have been driven by the basic belief that the law is the most powerful and effective tool in our quest for progress and equality. I have used it to defend our most vulnerable communities, to uplift our working families, and to ensure that no New Yorker lives beyond the protective shade of justice.

As Attorney General, I will be a champion for New Yorkers in every corner of our state and use my experience, abilities, and passion to be the People’s Lawyer.

May 26, 2018

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