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Arrested for Stealing Pension Money

December 21, 2016  
By Stephanie West

Tamarac, Fl –  Resident Renee Kanas has been sentenced to 6 Months Incarceration and 5 Years of Probation for Stealing Pension Benefits Issued To Her Deceased Father.

Renee Kanas, 64, a resident of Tamarac, Florida, was sentenced in Albany County Supreme Court to 6 months incarceration and 5 years of probation, $45,000 in restitution and a judgment in the amount of $103,092.24 for stealing over $148,000 in New York state pension benefits.

“Ms. Kanas dishonored her deceased father by pretending he was alive and pocketing his pension,” State Comptroller Thomas P. DiNapoli said. “Thanks to our Operation Integrity partnership with Attorney General Schneiderman, she has been convicted and will now be held accountable for the $148,000 she stole.”

Kanas concealed her father’s passing in March 2010 from the New York State and Local Employees Retirement System, and continued to collect his pension benefits for over four years. Kanas was sentenced for stealing pension benefits intended for her father, Jacob Yudenfreund, from March 2010 through January 2015.  In total, Kanas stole $148,092.24 by accessing a joint bank account she held with her deceased father, liquidating all but $1,207.55 from the account.

“When individuals steal from New York’s pension system, it hurts hardworking taxpayers across the state,” said Attorney General Schneiderman. “That Ms. Kanas took it upon herself to collect her deceased father’s pension makes this all the more disgraceful.

December 21, 2016

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