Armao LLP Offers Tax Lifeline For Workers

January 9, 2014
By Joe Maniscalco

Some of the friendly staff at Armao LLP.

Some of the friendly staff at Armao LLP.

Garden City, NY – Don’t look now, but tax season is coming up quick. For municipal employees and other union members, that probably means a lot of hassles and headaches trying to locate a qualified tax preparer with both the know-how and commitment that today’s hardworking families demand. But no longer, a new tax preparation service backed by decades of experience in every aspect of financial planning and maintenance, is offering individuals the same high level of expertise and care that some of the most influential labor groups, Employee Benefits Plans and non-profit organizations enjoy.

“There is no substitute for an experienced accountant,” says Salvatore J. Armao, managing partner for Armao LLP. “That’s why we’ve introduced Armao Tax Preparation Service. When individuals and small business owners come to us for tax return preparation, they can be assured that we have the knowledge, professionalism, insights and state-of-the-art technical resources to handle everything from the most basic to the most complex tax situations.”

Too often, the ominous sound of April 15’s heavy footfalls sends already hard-pressed workers scrambling to find a seasonal tax preparer they can both afford and trust. However, unlike many of those questionable outfits, the tax preparation specialists at Armao LLP pride themselves in never losing focus of their individual clients’ finances. 

“Seasonal tax preparers often appear like attractive options for municipal workers, government employees and union members because they seem to be good places to get your taxes done for not a whole lot of money,” says Mindy Wolfle, chief marketing officer, Armao, LLP. “But we are charging rates comparable to those charged by the seasonal practices – and we’re here all year long.”

Indeed, with so many municipal contracts in flux, more and more workers and their families are finding that their tax returns are just too important and too complex to do themselves, or leave to seasonal tax preparers. 

“It is too easy for once-a-year tax preparers to overlook deductions and credits to which taxpayers are entitled,” Armao adds. “Even the use of computer software is no substitute for the assistance of an experienced Certified Public Accountant. Filers needn’t resort to preparing their own tax returns. Why take on that headache when they can rely on the expertise and technology available at Armao LLP?”

Born out of the former partnership of Armao Costa & Ricciardi, at least 75 percent of Armao LLP’s Garden City-based practice remains solidly union-based. 

“We understand that area of the economy, and we understand and appreciate labor,” says Wolfle.

In addition to the expert tax preparation services it now offers individuals and their families, Armao LLP continues to specialize in accounting and auditing services for labor unions, Employee Benefit Plans, not-for-profit organizations and the construction industry – as well as forensic accounting and litigation services, business valuation and estate planning. 

“Now, we can offer our services directly to the membership,” adds Wolfle. “Our aim is to expand what we already do by offering these services to the members of the unions that we already assist.”

And those services, which also incorporates all the complexities of self-employment, home-based businesses, real estate, stock transactions and more, don’t end once April 15 has come and gone.

The team at Armao Tax Preparation Service reminds new clients that unlike seasonal tax preparers, they always have “a versatile professional to file estimated taxes, answer tax and financial questions, and provide consultation on an ongoing basis.”

For more information about Armao Tax Preparation Service, visit www.armaollp.com. 


January 9, 2014

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