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Appellate Division Ruling Re: HHC Layoffs

July 11, 2011
By DC 37 Executive Director, Lillian Roberts

The Union is extremely disappointed in this decision. After days of hearings, this past year the lower Court ruled that HHC had failed to offer any rational methodology in pursuit of a proposed restructuring, and had therefore failed to ensure basic protections for the health and safety of all hospital patients, staff and the public.
The Appellate Division has chosen to overturn the lower Court’s well reasoned findings and in so doing has re-opened very real concerns about the safety of both the public and our members. The lay-offs raise questions about who now is do this work, so fundamental to the operations of HHC facilities.

The Union will be carefully evaluating HHC actions from today forward, and assessing all our options to best defend both our members, and the interests of the communities which HHC is meant to serve.

July 9, 2011

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