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An Open Letter To Buffalo School Board Member Carl Paladino…

January 16, 2017 
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell
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Buffalo, NY – After attending a special meeting of the Board of Education that was held on Thursday, December 29th that called for (School Board Member Carl) Paladino’s resignation due to the comments that have cast a pall over Buffalo, I noticed the national media had picked up the story.

The Huffington Post covered it, MSNBC had a piece on his behavior, and on Friday morning The New York Times had an article covering it as well. Buffalo has so many positive things happening, but this negative aspect gets all the attention. I was born and raised in South Buffalo and I reside in South Buffalo today. I’m proud of my heritage. Mr. Paladino does not represent the values I was raised with. I’d like to think that a good majority of the residents in South Buffalo feel the same way. He claims to not be a racist, but he uses inflammatory language that indicts him as such.

  • He sends offensive e-mails to friends that then get leaked to the media.
  • He says he hit “reply” rather than “forward” regarding his (horrible) comments (on President Obama and the First Lady) to ArtVoice. I’m not even sure how he made that mistake. He then apologizes to the minority community, which tells me he did mean what he said.
  • What about the rest of us that were offended by his poor attempt at “humor”?
  • What also offends me, and seems to be lost in this latest Paladino faux pas is that he wished violent death on two human beings. I ask you, in what Universe is that funny or acceptable?
  • Do we want our children thinking that wishing death on someone is ok?
  • Mr. Paladino – you may be a nice man to those that are closest to you. You may be generous as well. But you have been divisive and dismissive as a board member.
  • You are now a major distraction.
  • Your credibility is lost on many.
  • Your message is no longer relevant.
  • You can go on to do other things.
  • Or you can continue to disrupt, disparage and stall progress on the school board, as well as bring unwanted negative attention to the City of Buffalo.

Why put yourself, your family and the community you claim to care so much about through such a tumultuous trial?

January 15, 2017

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