Airport Workers Fighting for a Living Wage

October 5, 2015  
By Tara Jessup

New York, NY – Although Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a $15 minimum wage for fast food workers by 2018, there are thousands of low wage workers at the airports still fighting for a living wage. In fact, airport workers are fighting to receive raises that were already promised to them.

One year ago the PANYNJ missed its self-imposed deadline to release a Better Wage and Benefits Plan for airport workers, leaving 12,000 people and their families in poverty.

“While the airports generate billions in economic activity and the airlines rake in record profits, workers earn poverty wages, with few meaningful benefits. In fact, while airlines rake in record profits and benefit from large tax incentives, more than 50% of airport workers are forced to rely on public subsidies to survive,” reads a letter signed by nearly 80 state senators, assemblymen, mayors and city council members from New York and New Jersey.As the Port Authority continues to move forward renovating and modernizing the airports, its plans to raise wages for the workers who keep these airports running should not be delayed.

October 4, 2015

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