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‘Aghast’ At Union Busting, Allina Nurses To Hit Picket Lines Monday – 09-05-16

September 6, 2016 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Minnesota City, MN – Four thousand Minnesota Nurses Alliance union nurses will hit picket lines on Labor Day for an open-ended strike.

After a 22 hour marathon bargaining session MNA Executive Director Rose Roach emerged "aghast" at the union busting agenda of Allina. She ended a letter to Allina nurses saying "see you on the picket lines Monday." Allina wants to destroy MNA health care plans and force the nurses into the healthcare plan Allina wants. Angela Bechetti is a union RN on the negotiating team at Allina.

[Angela Bechetti]: "Nurses – we're angry and we're upset that it's come to this. We offered a fair compromise and Allina just keeps moving in the opposite direction and doesn't want an agreement. So I think nurses are very upset. We don't want to go on strike. We'd rather have an agreement, but at this time Allina's just not willing to do good faith negotiations with us." To hear the audio click the following link

September 5, 2016

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