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AFSCME Workers In Contract Stand-Off With Illinois Governor

November 17, 2016 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Chicago, IL – Illinois state union workers are closely watching to see what the state’s labor board does. The board could order Governor Bruce Rauner back to the bargaining table with AFSCME state employees or it could accept Rauner’s claim that talks are at an impasse.

If an impasse is declared Rauner is expected to try to unilaterally impose his demands on state employees. AFSCME Council 31 is calling for the Rauner administration to resume negotiations. The anti-union governor broke off negotiations with AFSCME back in January.

AFSCME says although it has a strong case at the labor board, the board members are appointed by Governor Rauner.

November 16, 2016

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