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AFL-CIO ‘Going All Out to Oppose’ Fast-Tracking TPP

March 16, 2015
By LaborPress

Preventing the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal from being “fast-tracked” through Congress is a top priority for the AFL-CIO, this year, federation President Richard Trumka said March 10. “We are going all out to oppose it,” he told reporters in Washington.

“There is such a dramatic impact on the standard of living and a lowering of wages and a loss of jobs—this will have a major impact, and we will not forget this vote for a long time.” President Barack Obama is seeking to have Congress vote on the 12-nation agreement without the power to propose amendments, but Trumka said allowing that “will adversely affect the way working people view this administration and those in the Democratic Party for a long time." He still gets accosted by people complaining about the AFL-CIO’s support for President Bill Clinton after the 1994 North American Free Trade Agreement, he added. Read more

March 13, 2015

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