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AFL-CIO Amps Up Final Get Out The Vote Push

October 25, 2016  
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Washington, DC – The AFL-CIO says in these final few weeks until election day it will bring 100,000 volunteer hours to bear to knock on a million doors in key battleground states. These will be one-on-one connections directly with voters.

According to the AFL-CIO the acceleration of the Labor 2016 program is part of the final push to elect Hillary Clinton and pro-worker candidates across the country.

On top of the door to door canvass the AFL-CIO is also doing a wide variety of get out the vote efforts that include phone banks and worksite leaflets. AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka says these efforts will propel working people towards election day and is the peak of the AFL-CIO’s political program.

An AFL-CIO direct mail program is also being ramped up. These combined efforts are targeted primarily in Florida, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

October 24, 2016

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