Adequate School Funding in Critical

January 13, 2016
By Neal Tepel, LaborPress Editorial

New York, NY –  Ten years after New York’s highest court required the state to pay billions to underfunded public schools, money continues to be owed to the schools and children of New York State. We must keep the promises of the Campaign for Fiscal Equity decision and fully fund our public schools. Its more important than ever that schools provide quality education for students with adequate funding.

With a surplus expected this year, we must not miss the opportunity to provide additional funding for the children of New York State. Inequities in our schools continue across our state that should be addressed this budget year. According to the Alliance for Quality Education Report titled: "State's Failure to Hand Over Schools Funds Results in Dreams Deferred" the state still owes $4.8 billion to schools throughout New York. Seventy-two percent of which are high-need schools where the new funding would affect student outcomes.

The report’s figures are based on the Campaign for Fiscal Equity ruling, a 2006 court case that determined our state had been negligent in properly funding schools fairly and equitably. Based on that ruling, the state continues to owe school funding to districts and schools throughout New York.

January 12, 2016

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