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A Voice for the Voiceless Workers

May 24, 2019

By DCA Commissioner Lorelei Salas

It is a sad reality that some workers in New York City are more vulnerable than others and face unique challenges in the workplace, including harassment, discrimination, and wage theft.

Oftentimes, these workers don’t realize their rights as employees and sacrifice their safety to make a living for themselves and their families. As an immigrant who first worked as homecare worker, I know firsthand the feeling of vulnerability and helplessness that comes along with not knowing where to turn for help.

This is why the Department of Consumer and Worker Protection launched a worker’s rights public awareness campaign to educate New Yorkers about their workplace rights so that every worker has the tools they need to succeed – regardless of their job or immigration status. Our city thrives on its inclusivity and protection of workers across all industries and demographics, and our campaign amplifies this message by encouraging all workers in New York City to use us as a resource to access information about workplace rights or to file a complaint.

We want to ensure that no worker feels as though their voice cannot be heard when enduring abuse or mistreatment in the workplace. By enforcing laws such as Paid Safe and Sick Leave, Freelance Isn’t Free, and Fair Workweek, we hope that workers realize and embrace our mandate to focus on issues affecting immigrants, people of color, women, and other vulnerable workers.

If you are a worker in New York City, know that you have rights and that you are protected. Together, we can continue to make New York City the fairest big city in the country.

May 24, 2019

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