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A Strong Scaffold Law Is A Matter Of Life And Death

March 16, 2015
By Assemblymember Francisco P. Moya

Queens, NY – Construction remains the most fatal sector in America. That's why we need strong workplace safety laws – like the Scaffold Safety Law – to make sure our workers can make it home at night.

The family of Adrien Zamora understands that reality all too well. Adrien was getting ready to head home from his first day on the job when he fell 40 feet to his death. He wasn't given a mandatory safety training course and he wasn't wearing a harness. The city later found that the construction company he was working for had failed to maintain a safe work site.
Without the Scaffold Safety Law, more will end up like Adrien.
That's why a broad coalition of construction workers, union members, immigrants' rights advocates, and even affordable housing advocates, have joined with me to call for strong workplace protections for our workers. Because we know that safety laws are not an abstract concept – it's life and death.
Please join with us in calling for a strong Scaffold Safety Law.

March 13, 2015

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