A Fighter’s Instinct

A Fighter’s Instinct

October 15, 2012
John Merlino of Dinkes and Schwitzer

As lead trial counsel for the law firm of Dinkes & Schwitzer, partner William Schwitzer is accustomed to many prestigious awards and attention-grabbing headlines declaring multi-million dollar verdicts. But behind all the accolades that come with being part of one of the most successful personal injury firms in the State, is a person who simply does not like to see injured workers pushed around when their lives have changed due to an accident.

In 1985, William Schwitzer took his law degree from Western New England Law School, and dedicated himself to advocating for the rights of injured people. Cases involving construction site accidents, catastrophic injuries, and wrongful death actions, because advocating the rights of injured workers gave him the opportunity he was looking for: an opportunity to help people who have had their lives turned around 180-degrees through no fault of their own.


William Schwitzer grew up in rural Connecticut the son of Jewish Holocaust survivors. From the outset, he understood what suffering meant and learned at a young age that working diligently for justice would reek well-deserved rewards. At the same time, he realized that obtaining justice and helping people regain what they lost, wouldn’t come simply because pursing those things was the right thing to do. William Schwitzer realized you needed a strong voice, and you needed a strong drive to persevere.

Today, William Schwitzer is a diligent advocate in and outside of the courtroom. Eschewing the staid office atmosphere for the tumult of the courtroom, he never shies away from putting his case before a jury. Observers realize that this fortitude and conviction are the reasons why William Schwitzer regularly wins so many impressive verdicts and obtains such well deserved settlements close to over $500,000 million at last tally – and a firm tally of over $1Billion since its inception. In 2010, William Schwitzer secured a $10 million verdict in a single motor vehicular case that became the largest verdict in New York State history. Where others may be quick to settle, William Schwitzer fights for what his clients’ deserve, winning another recent verdict of $11.6 million.  

But that’s only because at the root of every case William Schwitzer handles, he never forgets that there is a hard-working construction worker, a carpenter, an iron-worker, a sheet-metal worker, a laborer, a teacher, a police officer, a firefighter… who have had their entire lives uprooted due to the negligence of others or due to unsafe work conditions. These hard working men and women are among the many who are rebuilding our great City after the tragic events of 9/11.  

William Schwitzer learned all about strong work ethics from his parents growing up on that farm in Connecticut, working alongside them to earn an honest-humble living. Today, he still maintains a full working farm but on Long Island where he returns to the days of his youth to recharge and reflect when not battling for the rights of injured workers in the courtroom.


October 14, 2012

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