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A Buffalo, New York Steelworker’s Mission: Rebuilding Opportunity

October 15, 2016   
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell 

Buffalo, NY – Dennis Mitchell builds tires at a plant in Buffalo, New York, alongside his Co-Workers in United Steelworkers (USW) Local 135.  But in this election season, he’s also busy talking to voters about strengthening the Middle Class and making sure Working People across the country can get good-paying jobs.

“I feel like we’re at a ‘tipping point’ right now,” said Mitchell, who is supporting Democrat Hillary Clinton because of her proven record.

“She’s ‘fought for’ children, ‘for’ Working Families, ‘for the country itself,’” he continued.

As for Hillary Clinton’s opponent, Donald Trump, Mitchell says “he’s only out for himself,” adding Trump is not the candidate “who will ‘bring back’ manufacturing, to ‘change’ some of the trade deals we’ve had in the past, to ‘build’ our communities.”

Hillary Clinton served as a U.S. Senator from New York, so Mitchell has seen how much she cares about Workers.  When she’d come to a Labor function or a ribbon cutting, “she spoke ‘directly to us’ and she was ‘very sincere’ when she would address our needs,” Mitchell said. “She’s the candidate ‘for not only our’ Membership, but ‘all’ of the Middle Class.”

Mitchell has experienced – first-hand – the pitfalls of a fragile economy.

As a kid growing up in South Buffalo in the 1970s, manufacturing jobs left his area, factories closed down and he saw his neighborhood “kind of ‘rust away.’” To read more click on the following link


October 14, 2016

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