June 25, 2018 More Than Just Your Average Deli

It’s one of those days. You’re inundated with work and you’ve decided today is the day to try the new deli that just opened next door. There’s a salami sandwich with your name on it. You get there and before you can even finish customizing your sandwich, they hand you a pre-made sandwich with all...

June 24, 2018 AFT President Randi Weingarten on Proposal to Merge Education and Labor Departments

WASHINGTON, D.C. —“In any normal administration, combining some of the core functions of the education and labor departments might make sense in terms of bringing together programs that educate children and prepare Americans for the jobs of today and tomorrow.

June 24, 2018 Nail Salon & Carwash Workers Push for One Fair Wage

NEW YORK, N.Y. –  On Wednesday, June 20th, nail salon and carwash workers, testified at the sixth of seven New York State Department of Labor hearings to review bringing tipped workers in line with the state’s general minimum wage. This is the first of two New York City hearings, the next of which will cover restaurant...

June 23, 2018 #MeTooMovement Addresses Sexual Harassment in NYS Legislature

NEW YORK, N.Y. – Women harassed in the New York State Legislature have released recommendations for creating stronger workplace protections in  government. Their ‘white paper’ followed a panel discussion on Tuesday, June 19th at Cooper Union. Several members of the  group claimed sexual harrassment while working for New York State elected officials.

June 22, 2018 Will Working Men & Women Halt Trump’s Agenda?

Reporter’s Notebook New York, NY – The state-sponsored kidnapping of more than 2,300 children at the U.S. border and ICE’s massive raid on three Fresh Mark meat-processing plants in Ohio have compelled some union leaders to call out the racist-in-chief’s latest assaults on the America soul for the existential threat they are — but if Organized...

June 22, 2018 RWDSU Denounces ICE Arrest of 146 Meatpacking Workers

SALEM, Ohio—Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents arrested 146 workers at a Northeast Ohio meatpacking plant June 19, in a raid that Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union President Stuart Appelbaum called “unconscionable.”



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