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Laborers Local 78 Takes on Bank of America

Laborers Local 78 is challenging America’s biggest bank — which got$7.5 billion in federal stimulus dollars — to channel some of that money into hiring Union workers. Local 78 organizers Leonardo Narranjo (left) and Ramon Woodcock were part of a crew that set up two 12-foot rats outside the Bank of America branch on Murray and Greenwich in lower Manhattan, not far from the World Trade Center site.

Narranjo and Woodcock were looking to make an impression of new Bank of America hires who were there to attend a seminar. They passed out flyers that said the huge bank had hired a non-Union contractor, Synatech, Inc., to perform asbestos abatement instead of giving the work to a unionized contractor. In the manner of Michael Moore, Narranjo and Woodcock asked passers-by to call Bank of America Chairman Kenneth Lewis at 704-386-5687 and ask him to hire a responsible, Union contractor instead.

October 12, 2009

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