41st Annual National Labor and Management Conference Coming in February
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41st Annual National Labor and Management Conference Coming in February

January 8, 2018

By Silver Krieger

New York, NY – From February 15 – 20th, in Hollywood, Florida, the 41st annual National Labor and Management Conference

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(NLMC) will be held, providing a crucial forum for current critical issues that affect both labor and management. The conference functions to bring together hundreds of leaders in the fields of labor, health care, labor law, banking and insurance, among others. Featured speakers include Gary LaBarbera, President, Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater New York, D. Michael Langford, National President, Utility Workers Union of America, Terry O’Sullivan, General President, Laborers International Union of North America, Gregory Floyd, President, International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 237, Marcelle Henry, Partner and Chairperson, ERISA Practice Group, Pitta LLP, and Nicholas Moller, Executive Director, Infrastructure Investments, JP Morgan Asset Management.

Speakers and attendees hear about issues and challenges, and have ample opportunities to network. LaborPress spoke with Barbara McCabe, Manager and Director of the NLMC, about the some of the current issues, featured speakers and highlights. “Right now, we have a rapidly changing workplace,” she said. “Everybody is waiting for the Janus decision. We will have some very interesting talks addressing tax reform, recent updates to the National Labor Relations Board, healthcare costs, and the declining quality and value [of healthcare]. We are very happy to welcome Terry O’Sullivan, John Samuelsen, TWU International President, Michael Langford, Greg Floyd, Gary LaBarbera, and Christy Bailey, Legislative and Political Director, Teamsters. We will address social movements in the new workplace: Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, as well as fostering and mentoring your members. We will also have a presentation asking ‘Does labor need an image update?’ Also, as in the past, we will address Health and Welfare Funds and Pension funds.”

For more information about the conference, and to register, go to www.laborandmanagement.com.

January 8, 2018

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