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Meet Michael Fina – Radius Bank’s Top Union Advocate

October 12, 2020

By Silver Krieger

New York, NY — Have you seen this person? If you have attended a labor event over the past few years in New York or New Jersey chances are you have. Meet Michael Fina, the Regional Sales & Relationship Executive from Radius Bank [].  

Hi! Nice to meet you: Michael Fina, Regional Sales & Relationship Executive, Radius Bank.


Michael’s energy, dedication and support within the labor market is commendable — as a contributor to LaborPress, member of the Association of Benefit Administrators, Board member to the Italian American Labor Council, and founder of the Union Labor Advisory Network, Mike works tirelessly to support the advocacy of union labor, and in areas that help support its further development.

He was born, raised and still resides in Bay Ridge Brooklyn, and is a graduate of St. John’s University. He started his professional career at Xerox Corp supporting a range of diversified vertical markets with his career progressing in executive sales positions with ADP, Washington Mutual and Chase.

His more than 25 years of consulting and strategic client development experience has allowed Fina to leverage and assist organizations on operationally and financial efficiencies. (Union Locals, Benefit Funds and their Associations).

He is currently responsible for developing strategic client relationships, as well as partnerships within NY Metro & NJ markets.

Michael is someone who truly enjoys helping people. His ability to collaborate and develop strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations has allowed him and the team at Radius Bank to help assist in creating overall financial value and benefits for the locals, benefit funds and membership, in which they are proud to serve and support. 

When asked what inspires him most about working with unions, Fina said, “I enjoy helping people, and over the past thirteen years I have had the privilege of working within our NY/NJ labor market to establish long term strategic and meaningful client relationships and partnerships. I am inspired by the hard-working Union leadership working to support their members and communities. I take great pride in working to assist and educate our labor market on areas of financial and operational efficiencies that are uncovered through new and emerging financial technologies.”

Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Boston, MA, Radius Bank is a leading online bank committed to providing a full complement of accounts and services to meet the growing banking needs of labor unions, benefit funds, consumers and businesses nationwide. As the digital banking landscape has evolved over the years, so too has Radius. It provides the product depth of a national brand, the technology of a fintech, and the personalized attention typically reserved for a local bank.

Radius Bank recently announced a strategic acquisition in which LendingClub will acquire Radius Bank to merge and create the first digitally native bank able to generate both loans and deposits at scale. This merger will enable its consumers and union members alike to both pay less when borrowing and earn more when saving. This will allow for Radius to partner with its labor clients to customize and create true member value affinity programs that are scalable and easily integrated.  These are true member benefits that will allow locals and funds to assist their membership without incurring any additional costs or marketing dollars.

In the coming months Radius Bank will be providing LaborPress with informative articles to assist in educating its clients and members on areas of financial literacy and technology enhancements to support your unions’ benefit funds, locals and membership.

Please contact Michael Fina at 631-624-1132 or email him at for additional information and opportunities to support your labor organization.

October 12, 2020

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