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32BJ Public School Cleaners Settles Contract

November 24, 2014
By Stephanie West

New York, NY – A contract agreement has been reached between Local 891 School Custodians and their employees, 32BJ public school cleaners. The cleaners work primarily in the City schools. Because of an unusual arrangement these building cleaners are not employees of the City although funding for their contract is provided by New York City.
While School Custodians serve as the employers of the school cleaners, the city is a key party to the negotiations.

The nine-year agreement for these 5000 employees covers October 22, 2007 through October 21, 2016. It includes 18 percent raises over the contract term and a $1,000 signing bonus. Health savings similar to all unions that have settled with the city will be required. The contract conforms with the agreements of the other unions that are part of the municipal labor committee. The gross cost of the agreement is $211.1 million, which will be offset by approximately $21 million in guaranteed health savings resulting in a net cost of $190.2 million.
"I am pleased that the collective bargaining process has brought about a fair wage increase for the hard working members of Local 32BJ," said Robert J. Troeller, President and Business Manager of Local 891 International Union of Operating Engineers. "The custodial workers in the public schools have worked far too long without an increase. Due to numerous budget cuts, these workers have become increasingly productive.  Its good to see these men and woman recognized and rewarded for their work," continued President Troeller.

November 24, 2014

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