T-Mobile Union Opens First Field Office

August 5, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Wichita, KS - T-Mobile Workers United opened a field office here July 25, the first one in its campaign to organize the 50,000 workers in the T-Mobile US and MetroPCS cell-phone networks.

Progresso Plans to Close South Jersey Soup Plant

July 31, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Vineland, NJ - General Mills announced “tentative” plans July 21 to close Progresso’s South Jersey soup cannery here next summer, a move that would cost 370 workers their jobs.

Mayo Clinic Outsourcing Leaves Food Workers ‘Betrayed’

July 29, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Rochester, MI - The Mayo Clinic’s announcement June 30 that it was switching its food-service vendor also meant that the workers would lose their benefits as clinic employees—and the Service Employees International Union, which represents them, says it will fight that “every step of the way.”

Corporations Sending Jobs Overseas Disastrous for Americans

July 26, 2016 
By Michael Smith, BCTGM member

Chicago, IL - My name is Michael J. Smith. I am an American worker and, up until March 23, I worked at the Nabisco bakery located on the South Side of Chicago.

Teamsters vs US Foods

July 21, 2016 
By Tara Jessup

Washington, DC - Teamsters who work at US Foods distribution facilities in Buffalo New York and Streator Illinois refused to cross picket lines extended by Teamsters from Severn Maryland - who began an unfair labor practice strike against the company in April.

Natural-Foods Truckers Join Teamsters

July 17, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Montogomery, NY - The 100 drivers at United Natural Foods Inc.’s Hudson Valley distribution center have voted to join Teamsters Local 445, the union announced July 11.

Working Without Contracts At Three Buffalo Area Hospitals…

July 15, 2016 
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell   

Buffalo, NY - You couldn’t miss it driving into Downtown Buffalo Monday (July 11th) morning – a massive inflatable depicting a fat cat boss holding a Nurse by the neck – that had been moored on a public sidewalk in front of Catholic Health System’s headquarters where a number of Communications Workers of America (CWA)-represented Nurses were publicly protesting the lack of a new contact at three Buffalo area hospitals – despite the fact Catholic Health reported a $27 million surplus for 2015 as company execs raked in huge raises.

Today’s Farm Workers Aren’t Free

July 12, 2016  
By Sonia Huq

Today’s Farm Workers Aren’t Free -
Autryville, NC - Freedom to come together and negotiate in union is pretty high on the list of the reforms working people are fighting for. This is even more important in the case of migrant farm workers. They work seasonal jobs that are not only dependent on their bosses, but for the very visa that gains them entrance into the country for their livelihood.

Northwest TV Workers Resist ‘Amateur News

July 12, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Portland, ORE - Workers at TV stations here and in Seattle are resisting what their union calls the “Uberization” of TV news.

UNITE HERE Workers at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City Strike for Decent Wages and Benefits

July 11, 2016  
By Kenneth Quinnell

Atlantic City, NJ - Working people at the Trump Taj Mahal casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey, walked off the job launching a strike against the greedy actions of billionaire Carl Icahn, the current owner of the casino. Workers at other Atlantic City casinos reached tentative agreements last week, but Icahn's opposition to treating working people fairly means that nearly a thousand cooks, housekeepers, servers and other staff are on strike.

Trump’s Vegas Hotel Spent $560G to Block Union

July 8, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Las Vegas, NV - Donald Trump’s Las Vegas hotel spent more than $500,000 trying to stop its housekeepers and restaurant staff from forming a union, according to Labor Department disclosure forms reviewed by the Huffington Post.

‘David’s Hates Brides:’ Teamsters Put Pressure On U.S. Foods’ Sister Company

July 7, 2016 
By Editor-Publisher Tom Campbell  

Buffalo, NY - With the assistance of one very angry bride, it seems a recent Teamster action that targeted a Suburban Buffalo David’s Bridal - one of many such actions taken by the Union across the country, hit a nerve late last week and raised the ire of an off-duty store manager who drove to the scene “dressed for the beach” with two children in tow to personally confront the Unionists who were holding an informational hand-billing event outside the retailer.

Trade or Human Rights?

July 4, 2016

Washington, DC - The State Department’s annual Trafficking in Persons report is a powerful tool to hold governments accountable for their failures to prevent human trafficking.

Boycott Outsourced Oreos, Laid-Off Workers Urge

July 1, 2016  
By Steven Wishnia

Chicago, IL - In his four and a half years at the Nabisco plant on the city’s Southwest Side. 40-year-old Anthony Jackson worked “in every department except sanitation.” He mixed icing for Oreos, mixed dough on the main bakery floor, and was “all over packing.”

Costco Teamsters Join Western Conference Pension Plan

June 27, 2016 
By John Quinn, LaborPress USA

Washington, DC -  Teamsters who work at Costco in New York, New Jersey and Maryland have overwhelmingly ratified an agreement under which they will be covered by the Western Conference of Teamsters pension plan for the first time in the history of their membership.

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