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Street Heat: Unions Picket Trump’s Vegas Hotel on 107° Afternoon

July 26, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

Las Vegas, NV - Labor unions and political activists often talk about “street heat,” but it was literal on the 107-degree afternoon of July 20, when about 2,000 people marched half a mile down the Las Vegas Strip to demand that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's hotel give its workers a union contract.

IBEW Says: Trump Builds Nonunion, Cheats Contractors

July 25, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia

New York, NY - Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump hired nonunion contractors as much as he could and often shorted both workers and contractors, according to a report by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers.

Week In Review

July 24, 2016 
By Doug Cunningham
Workers Independent News

Las Vegas, NV - At the union's national conference in Las Vegas AFSCME President Lee Saunders says his union is proud to support Hillary Clinton for President because he believes her policies are better for working people than what the Republicans are offering.

Six Years After Dodd–Frank, a Lot of What Occurs on Wall Street Is Nothing More Than Gambling

July 24, 2016 
By Heather Slavkin Corzo

Washington, DC. - Six years ago this week, hundreds of people gathered in Washington, D.C., to watch President Barack Obama sign into law the Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act. On that day there was a hope that its passage marked the beginning of a new phase in Washington’s approach to Wall Street regulation.

Republicans in Cleveland

July 24, 2016 
By Hillary Clinton

Cleveland, OH - Republicans had their convention. This past week they highlighted some of their most disturbing ideas. If they have their way, they'll cut taxes on the super wealthy, roll back marriage equality, and prevent women from making their own health care decisions.

Iron Mike Kilbane Welcomes RNC to Cleveland; Has Strong Words for Trump

July 22, 2016 
By Kenneth Quinnell

Cleveland, Ohio - In Cleveland, working people joined U.S. Senate candidate Ted Strickland to talk about important issues like trade policy, infrastructure investment and union-busting and how the top Republican candidates measure up on these important issues. Local workers like Michael "Iron Mike" Kilbane, a member of Ironworkers Local 17, shared their stories.

Republican Platform Takes Aim at Labor

July 21, 2016
By Steven Wishnia

Cleveland, Ohio—The Republican Party’s 2016 platform, adopted July 18, complains that under President Barack Obama, wages are “stagnant” and “people living paycheck to paycheck are struggling, sacrificing, and suffering.” To change this, it urges lower wages for workers on federal construction projects, legislation to weaken labor unions and regulations such as overtime pay, and, indirectly, the repeal of the federal minimum wage.

Trump's VP Pick Second Worst in History

July 21, 2016 
By AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka

Washington, DC - Congratulations to Donald Trump on the second worst Vice Presidential pick in history.

Labor Violations Results in Childs Death

July 20, 2016 
By Stephanie West

Syracuse, NY - A 14-year-old was killed operating heavy machinery prohibited under child Labor laws. Luke Park, owner of the Park Family Farm located in Homer, New York, has been charged for multiple alleged Penal Law and Labor Law violations related to this child's death.

Trump’s VP Pick Has Long Anti-Labor Record

July 19, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia

New York, NY - Indiana Gov. Mike Pence, Donald Trump’s choice for his running mate on the Republican ticket, has a long anti-labor record, from denouncing minimum-wage increases to putting his own money into a campaign to cut construction workers’ pay.

Bernie Delegate to Clinton Camp: 'You Have Work to Do'

July 15, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

NYC Council Member and Bernie Delegate Jumaane Williams.

Brookllyn, NY - In April, Council Member Jumaane Williams [D-45th District] helped electrify a rally of more than 28,000 Bernie Sanders supporters in Prospect Park with his stirring “moonshot” speech in support of the Vermont senator’s historic presidential run — this week, the Brooklyn legislator joined with other progressives throughout the city and the nation in absorbing Bernie’s endorsement of rival Hillary Clinton — and advising the former secretary of state’s camp that they still have lots of work to do to if they expect Bernie’s people to vote Clinton in November. 

Trump 'Dead Wrong' on Privatizing the VA

July 13, 2016 
By Tara Jessup

Washington, DC - Donald Trump's plan to shut down the VA health care system and hand veterans a voucher to use only for-profit health care is an outrageous betrayal of our nation's promise to care for the men and women who have borne the battle, the head of the union representing more than 230,000 employees in the Department of Veterans Affairs said today.

Democrats Rip Unfair Trade Deals, But Won’t Oppose TPP

July 13, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia

Orlando, FL - The Democratic Party’s platform will include language criticizing trade deals that lead to “too many corporations outsourcing jobs,” but will not explicitly oppose the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement, as supporters of Sen. Bernie Sanders had urged.

NLRB Rules that Employers’ Consent No Longer Needed...

July 12, 2016 
By Larry Cary

NLRB Rules that Employers’ Consent No Longer Needed When Union Seeks to Represent Single Unit that Includes Both Employees and Subcontracted Employees on the Premises

In a case called Miller & Anderson, Inc. the NLRB made organizing many workplaces much easier.  Yesterday the Board ruled that employers no longer needed to give consent when a union files a representation petition seeking to represent a bargaining unit that combines both solely and jointly employed employees of a single user employer.

Clinton Surrogates Help Keep TPP Alive

July 12, 2016  
By Joe Maniscalco 

New York, NY - The trade deal that the House of Labor has branded a “job killer” remains alive and well this week thanks to the work of Clinton apparatchiks on the DNC’s platform committee meeting in Orlando, Florida this past weekend.

Trump Taj Mahal Strike Begins Second Week

July 9, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia

Atlantic City, NJ - The strike by some 1,000 workers at the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino here has entered its second week, and no deal is in sight.

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