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WTC Developer Salutes Union Labor for Defying 9/11 Terrorists

June 24, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

The last bucket of concrete at 3 WTC is readied for hoisting.

New York, NY - World Trade Center Developer Larry Silverstein on Thursday morning credited New York City’s unionized building trades for rebuilding “what the terrorists unsuccessfully tried to destroy forever” on September 11, 2001. 

'Blue Collar Buzz' Battles for The Middle Class

June 23, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

BCB Hosts Neal Tepel and Bill Hohlfeld with OSA Chairman Robert Croghan.

New York, NY — On this week’s action-packed episode of LaborPress’ “Blue Collar Buzz” we’re looking at the ugly attack on middle class families presently taking place inside the luxurious Hamilton apartment building on the UES; the long-awaited restoration of the Employee Protection Provision for school bus drivers, attendants and mechanics; the historic agreement that’s lifting up school custodial engineers while simultaneously also saving money for the city; and the failed attempt to "raid" the Organization of Staff Analysts’ rank and file members. 

Legislature Fails to Pass Elevator Safety, Revive 421a, or Enable Uber

June 23, 2016
By Steven Wishnia

Albany, N.Y.—The New York state legislature failed to enact three bills that would have seriously affected labor in the session that ended June 19. An elevator-safety measure pushed by the International Union of Elevator Constructors passed the Assembly, but died in committee in the Senate.

Construction Workers Protest Developer Macklowe

June 20, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia

New York, NY - An 11-foot effigy of the Grim Reaper turned the corner onto Fifth Avenue late in the afternoon June 16, followed by a procession bearing mock coffins and tombstones.

NYC Dads Fight New Assault on Middle Class Existence

June 20, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

Hamilton workers and their families on Sunday.

New York, NY - On Sunday, doormen and other building service workers at the 265-unit Hamilton on the Upper East Side, spent this Father’s Day striking against the property owner who has wasted no time eliminating middle-class wages and ordering employees to shut up about it. 

Another Ironworker Walks Off the Job Citing Worksite Dangers, Wage Theft

June 16, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

Non-union ironworker Edgar Joshua Melendez gets a hug after walking off the job.

New York, NY - After nearly three years of putting up buildings in New York City for fast-food wages and in dangerous working conditions, US Crane & Rigging worker Edgar Johsua Melendez walked off a West 57th Street job site early Thursday morning and into the embrace of supportive union members. 

Blue Collar Buzz Words of the Week: 'Safety' & 'Respect'

June 16, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

Santos Rodriguez joins Neal and Bill.

New York, NY - Tune into Sunday night’s episode of LaborPress’ “Blue Collar Buzz” airing on AM970 at 9 p.m. because we’re taking an insider’s look at the largest food hub in the United States of America, as well as the landmark Harco Construction court case and the likelihood it could finally help put bad NYC contractors in check. We’re also tracking the important labor dispute that recently challenged Macy’s all-American image. 

Construction Contractors Must be Held Accountable

June 13, 2016
By Stephanie West

New York, NY -  Hundreds of advocates, union members, and community groups, Gathered on June 9th to  show support for Carlos Moncayo, a 23 year old worker who was killed in an excavation collapse.

Worker Advocates Hope Harco's Guilty Verdict Will Make NY Building Industry Safer

June 12, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

Advocates for Latino workers call for greater construction site safety.

New York, NY - Workers’ rights groups and safety advocates are hailing this week’s ruling against general contractor Harco Construction as a “historic conviction” that could potentially help make the entire building industry in New York City safer.

Calls For More Training And Enforcement Outside Harco Construction Trial

June 10, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

Local 79's Dennis Lee stands with immigrant rights activists.

New York, NY - This week, the New York Building Congress estimated that construction generated a whopping $61 billion of economic activity in 2015 - but immigrant and labor rights advocates are convinced the cash is coming at the expense of workers’ lives. 

First Women Graduate from Fort Campbell Welding Program

June 10, 2016 
By Kenneth Quinnell

Washington, DC - One of the great benefits of joining the military is the opportunity to learn skills that benefit a soldier after their service is completed.

Non-Union Contractors Try to Stall Chargers’ New Stadium

June 9, 2016 
By Steven Wishnia and Neal Tepel

San Diego, CA - A coalition of non-union construction companies announced June 1 that it was opposing a proposed ballot initiative that would raise city hotel taxes to help pay for the San Diego Chargers’ new stadium because the team has guaranteed that it will be built by union labor.

John Zaremba Wins Big for Construction Workers

June 8, 2016 
By Silver Krieger

New York, NY – Attorney John Zaremba, of Zaremba Brown, PLLC, is a personal injury attorney and a New York native who wins big for construction workers injured on the job.  We sat down with him to learn more about him, and about the future of his law firm.

Maintaining Infrastructure Essential for Our Future

May 26, 2016 
By Neal Tepel

Washington, DC - While its essential to continue to maintain and modernize our infrastructure, the gridlock in Congress continues to prevent the rebuilding and investing in roads, bridges, water systems, oil and natural gas pipelines. With no clear plan to maintain and expand the infrastructure, economic growth for future generations will be affected.

This Week's Buzz: WTC Health Watch, Farm Worker Wage Board and More!

May 26, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco

Dr. Jacqueline Moline and Patrick Hewes of the WTC Health Program join Neal and Bill.

New York, NY - On this week’s episode of LaborPress’ “Blue Collar Buzz” airing Sunday night at 9 p.m. on AM970 The Answer, we’re looking at the Empire State through a wide lens. First up, NY Building Congress President Richard Anderson talks about the current building boom gripping New York City and what makes it so different from others in the past. Next, Dr. Jacqueline Moline and Patrick Hewes of the World Trade Center Health Program discuss ongoing efforts to treat and monitor those directly affected by the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. And finally, we check in with Assembly Member Walter Mosley to find out how Albany is responding to the plight of farm workers and faculty and staff at the City University of New York.  

A 'Grim' Reminder of Non-Union Construction in NYC

May 20, 2016
By Joe Maniscalco 

Death continues to loom large over NYC construction workers.

New York, NY - Hundreds of buildings tradespeople  pounded on mock coffins and chanted “How many more must die?”outside a Gilbane, Inc. development at 118 Fulton Street on Thursday afternoon, in a mass protest aimed at both convincing the developer to stop using irresponsible contractors — and honoring New York City construction workers recently killed on the job. 

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